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> Heya all,
> Who out there is running a FLOSS router?
> Really need to get sorted on this. The last Firmware update on my Belkin
> router was 2012. I've been looking at:
> http://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-LINK-TL-WR1043ND-Wireless-Gigabit-Printers/dp/B002YLAUU8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456623494&sr=8-1&keywords=TP-Link+WR1043ND
> It seems most of the open source firmwares run on this. I was looking at
> LibreCMC, the super freedom-y one based on Open-WRT. I'm hoping it's not
> too difficult to configure. Install is super easy.
> Leo
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I had to return my Linksys WRT54GL a little while back and have been
looking at my options too. I used to run Tomato, a variant of dd-wrt, on
the Linksys, and I think you can get Tomato on a few other devices now.

I'm currently using a TP-Link TL-MR3020 as an AP using dd-wrt. Getting it
up and running was dead simple, just upload the compiled binary and there's
loads of guides on how to configure. I recall having a discussion with
someone many years back about there being some fuss over the licensing
(which is why openwrt exists), though what exactly escapes me now, if
someone knows maybe they can pitch in.

My future plans involve an open source supporting option. I was looking at
Ubiquiti products as they build enterprise level hardware and there seems
to be a community of people making custom firmware for them, not that it is
necessary. he EdgeRouter X (https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgerouter-x/) and
EdgeRouter Lite (https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgerouter-lite/) are
reasonably cheap though no Wi-Fi options. Ubiquiti do do Wi-Fi devices, but
not sure if they do a router.

Then I discovered recently that Banana Pi do a router like build called the
R1 (http://www.banana-pi.org/r1.html). Now Banana Pi are supposedly open
hardware, and have commodity ARM CPUs. This particular model has Wi-Fi and
4 ethernet ports, as well as a SATA port so you could use it as a small NAS
too. They cost about £60-70 depending how long you're prepared for it to
travel for. This is my current front-runner. You can run a variant of
Debian called Bananian and you can install Webmin to make managing it

I also looked at the Utilite Standard, (
http://www.tinygreenpc.com/utilite-standard-8gb.html) but is very

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