Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.org.uk
Sun Feb 28 15:52:51 UTC 2016

On 28/02/16 12:22, Matthew Copperwaite wrote:

>> Really need to get sorted on this. The last Firmware update on my Belkin
>> router was 2012. I've been looking at:

Most combo WiFi routers are abandoned almost on launch, sometimes 
before. The economics of these devices just don't allow engineering 
resources to be expended on them after they're out the door.

In general, you should just buy from the compatibility list on the 
OpenWRT website if you want something you can easily get working. TP 
Link is generally decent, and the recent Linksys devices specifically 
aimed at OpenWRT are starting to look good after some early false starts 
with community engagement Check out:-


If you want to run a more full features distro, Soekris engineering have 
always done lovely little systems. The net6501 looks good, though I've 
no personal experience, and you'd need to get a mini-PCI wireless card 
if you wanted wifi.



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