Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Mon Feb 29 18:24:50 UTC 2016

On 29/02/16 10:48, Kevan wrote:
> Chris wrote:
> It doesn't surprise me that the Americans are putting all these
> arbitrary limits on wi-fi performance.  They're paranoid about the
> "threat" posed by long-range wi-fi, and there was a plan to make the use
> of "enhanced" antennas a felony, since (according to the FCC) it would
> allow the router to cause "widespread interference"
> You get this interference in every high density wifi area. Boosting 
> your output will cause more interference to other wifi users nearby.

> Not necessarily.  I've found that enhancing the receive sensitivity at 
> each end is usually more effective than increasing the transmitted 
> power.  This is particularly the case on 2.4GHz these days as some of 
> the better wireless devices have adaptable power output and will just 
> "shout louder" if they see bigger interfering signals!  The best 
> option - certainly around here - is to move to 5GHz.  I can "see" 
> literally dozens of 2.4GHz networks from where I'm sitting, but only 
> five, well-spaced 5GHz ones.  My data throughput at 5GHz is many times 
> that which is possible at 2.4GHz.

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