[GLLUG] Will the sale of ARM Holdings be blocked by the UK government?

Andrew Davies amd_uk at lineone.net
Tue Jul 19 08:03:23 UTC 2016

This post goes as evidence to my hypothesis of ignoring anything said 
before the word "but" as it just seems to be used to placate.

Please, no more politics here.

On 19/07/2016 08:40, Christopher Hunter via GLLUG wrote:
> It's a wonderful deal, and the government are saying that it's an 
> example of the continuation of investment despite our forthcoming end 
> of the failed European experiment.
> Politics are something not really to be discussed in polite company 
> (like on this list, for example), but the widespread fearmongering and 
> naysaying about "Brexit" are very misinformed. You just have to modify 
> the Monty Python "What have the Romans ever done for us?". When 
> applied to the EU, there's really only one thing that's positive - the 
> freedom of movement that came with the increased integration.
> Even freedom of movement has - ultimately - worked against us over the 
> longer term.  We've squandered incredible amounts of money, supporting 
> the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain), and the larger part of our 
> ridiculously huge contribution has been used to pay dole in those 
> countries, where unemployment is a gigantic problem. Granted, we've 
> received some of our money back, but it's a remarkably small 
> percentage of our overall stipend.
> The "Remain" side claimed that we'd have to negotiate new Trade deals 
> with Europe.  That's plainly nonsense - we buy more from Europe than 
> we sell to them, so any trade tariff in Europe would work against 
> them.  Our position as a trading country is actually strengthened by 
> being able to make our own deals.
> The UK was the only European country that was stupid enough to apply 
> most of the European legislation handed down to us from Brussels and 
> Strasbourg as if it was holy writ.  Untangling the judicial and 
> legalistic mess will probably take a generation, but with forward 
> looking government, an intelligent and motivated Civil Service and 
> with the backing of an enthusiastic populace, the UK can become the 
> pre-eminent country in the region - as we were for much of the last 
> two centuries.
> Our first priority should be to repair the education system - our 
> system was largely destroyed by the Useful Idiots of the Wilson 
> government with their "Comprehensive" scam.  We need a properly 
> educated population and need to properly value our REAL 
> professionals.  "Media studies" is a way to keep the ill-educated off 
> the streets for a further three years, but isn't a degree subject!
> We need to repeal the worthless European legislation that was foisted 
> upon us to ensure that we could not be competitive.  We need to 
> consider how the rights of residency are to be applied, and ensure 
> that no benefits (including free access to the Health Service) are 
> provided until an immigrant has contributed at least five years' Tax 
> and National Insurance.
> We need to sort out the mess that is the National Health Service. A 
> good start will be to simply fire the two layers of bureaucracy 
> introduced by Blair and Brown to fiddle the unemployment statistics - 
> they do nothing useful and are actually detrimental to the effective 
> operation of the service.  Any hospital with more "managers" and 
> clerical staff than Doctors and Nurses (as is frequently the case) 
> cannot work properly.....
> Getting this exit from the EU right is going to take intelligence and 
> courage, but with the right government (no current UK party actually 
> offers a viable solution) and some effort, we can be proud to be 
> British again!  We need (effectively) a wartime government drawn from 
> the best of all parties to sort this mess out.
> <rant off>
> On 18/07/16 11:15, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:
>> Yet another top British company to be sold down the river?
>> Chris Bell
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