[GLLUG] FTTC information?

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Sat Jul 23 18:05:38 UTC 2016

I am trying to discover what information is supplied for a new BT domestic 
FTTC connection, but of course getting information from BT is like getting 
blood from stone. I assume they supply one of their HomeHubs, probably series 
5, and I am guessing that any IPv4 address will be dynamic, not static.

However I understand that some existing customers have seen their HomeHub do 
an auto re-boot, then start running IPv6. Is IPv4 then no longer available, 
with access to IPv4-only addresses via 4-6 conversion provided by the BT 
system? Would the IPv6 address be static? I assume that a new connection might 
be IPv6 from the start, but no information is available from the call centre.

I assume that BT would not provide any DNS pointer / GLUE facility.

My own IPv4 ADSL modem logs show that selective port-knocking is being blocked 
every few minutes, (and there is no DNS pointer to my fixed address), but do 
BT have remote access to their HomeHub using a well-known port and password? 
Could (should?) the BT HomeHub be replaced with a standard commercial hub with 
only local admin access?

I have a test mailgate running, with any incoming connection to port 25 
forwarded to it, and I am receiving world-wide relay requests, but with a very 
restricted number of relay destinations, plus a few code-only, definitely not 
SMTP, files from a single sender. All are blocked.

The government says that it concerned about the growing amount of on-line 
fraud, but it's OK because they will be providing security advice to the 
public within the next couple of years. I have asked locally, but the normal 
response is no idea, never heard of either IPv4 or IPv6.

Thanks for any information.

Chris Bell.

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