[GLLUG] Linux on Power8

dennis at basis.uklinux.net dennis at basis.uklinux.net
Thu Jun 23 12:17:06 UTC 2016

Can anyone comment about running a Linux desktop environment such as
Debian or Ubuntu on the Power 8 architecture? Supposedly there's a
Debian port, but I'd like to know of any possible pitfalls from
someone who has actually tried it before splashing out a few grand on
a board.

The reason I ask is that I'm concerned about Intel's so called
management engine (ME), which I understand to be some sort of hardware
root kit integrated into every recent Intel chip set that can't be
overridden or disabled by the host OS, runs its own operating system
and network stack, and has out of band access all memory and
peripherals (e.g., wireless, bluetooth, disk controllers, etc.).

For the first time ever, I've literally had a computer related
nightmare, wherein a being resembling Karellen from Childhood's End
floated over Plumstead beaming a ray onto selected houses to subjugate
their inhabitants. Am I over reacting?


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