[GLLUG] Old IBM servers for free

John Edwards john at cornerstonelinux.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 16:30:30 UTC 2016


We have several rather old (around 2007) IBM xSeries 206M (model 8485)
and xSeries x3200 (model 4362) tower servers that are no longer used
and will be free to a good home before they are sent for recycling
later this month.

The hardware is a Pentium D dual core 64 bit capable CPU (around
3GHz), 512MB or 1GB RAM (not ECC), 4 hotswap SATA drive bays (usually
with a pair of either 80GB or 160GB drives), onboard Gigabit ethernet
and several spare PCI slots (some of which are 64bit/66MHz I think).
Fan speed is variable, so the server is noisy for few seconds at boot
and then settles down to being quieter than background conversation.

Service history has generally been good and they have been running
running various versions of Ubuntu for many years. Lack of spare parts
and RAM is the biggest reason for their retirement. I would not use
them for anything important or 24x7, but they could make a good test
or dev machine.

For all enquires please email me directly. Pickup would be during
office hours from Chiswick, West London, 2 minutes from Chiswick
railway station.

|    John Edwards   Email: john at cornerstonelinux.co.uk    |

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