[GLLUG] Adding a second ethernet interface

Stephen Harker stephen at positive-internet.com
Mon May 9 20:07:50 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-09 15:51, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:
> It is difficult to figure out where to start. It would be nice to use
> the system provided, as intended, but there appear to be too many
> systems.
> There is a working connection through the PCI ethernet card, but only
> the loopback interface is listed in /etc/network/interfaces, which
> claims to have been created by the empty /etc/network/interfaces.d/

If network-manager is installed then usually it is only the loopback 
that is configured in this file.

> NetworkManager appears to be partially configured although inactive,
> and Avahi appears to be unconfigured but active. There is no mention
> of the on-board ethernet, although I know it does work.

What does 'ifconfig' or 'ip a s' tell you on the console? Can you see 
both eth0 and eth1 there?

If you run "lspci" do you see two Ethernet cards?

> The Debian information suggests that NetworkManager should be inactive
> by default for a wired connection. There is no shortage of large MAN
> pages, although perhaps some are out of date.

I doubt the man pages are out of date.


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