[GLLUG] Help for a newbie. Installing Ubuntu

Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Mon May 23 20:28:38 UTC 2016

> You may need to start windows, then go into security settings to turn 
> off "windows protected boot" in the BIOS and allow it to boot from 
> anything else. Microsoft will probably warn against any changes.
> Chris Bell

I've now seen three laptops that have Windows10 "baked in".  There is no 
way to circumvent this - in the case of one machine, it was actually 
infesting a flash RAM.

The only answer is to boycott manufacturers who indulge in these 
tricks.  If their sales suffer, perhaps they'll get the message. It's 
still possible to buy Linux pre-installed machines from Dell, HP and one 
or two others.  If you want machines without OS, there are several 
options including Novatech (I bought three machines from them recently 
for work).



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