[GLLUG] Help for a newbie. Installing Ubuntu

Marcus Harriott marcusjharriott at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 24 10:13:49 UTC 2016

The secure boot switch is just about the ONLY button that can be  
switched in boot manger - but it still doesnt work with the secure  
boot in either position..

I thinks I shall give up and get a Novatech!  Thanks to all for the  

On 24 May 2016, at 11:04, Chris Vine via GLLUG wrote:

> On Tue, 24 May 2016 10:20:14 +0100
> Chris Vine via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
> [snip]
>> I have a USB stick that I have prepared this way which will install
>> slackware-current on secure boot only computers.
> For the orignal poster seeking help:
> As an addendum to this, I suggest that the OP asks on the Fedora help
> fora whether their installation boot images are suitable for  
> installing
> Fedora on computers which do not permit secure boot to be switched off
> while installation is taking place.  If they do and he is a newbie, he
> should use Fedora instead of ubuntu.
> If not, it might stimulate Fedora to actually produce an image which
> does.  Since Fedora's shim has been signed by Microsoft, and shim has
> also been signed by Fedora with the same key as used to sign their
> kernels, it should just boot if they have prepared the installation
> images correctly.
> Chris
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