[GLLUG] Problems with three internet modem and broadband connection

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Thu Nov 10 10:50:07 UTC 2016

On 10/11/16 10:28, Marcus Harriott wrote:
> John
> Have you tried blagging a MiFi out of Three?

Well, yes - as I said.  I've had two free ones from them.

> Thanks but i want to stick with what i have - change always causes yet
> more probs...

Your choice.  The advantage of a MiFi is that you're using standardised
proven technology (WiFi) rather than a manufacturer-specific interface.
The latter is always going to be much more prone to issues.

> As for the Lenovo solution - i have already tried this on an S100.
> Lenovo seem to have hard wired windows into their hardware and (after 8
> months) i have given up on trying to load this!

That's your problem - I didn't just recommend Lenovo - I said a Lenovo
ThinkPad.  Corners have been severely cut on consumer hardware like the
S100, but the ThinkPads are aimed at business users and remain
significantly better.

> Thanks for the links - I might find something in there. But increasingly
> hardware manufacturer are locking WIN into their computers and nobody
> can reinstall!

Which is why I recommended a second-hand ThinkPad.


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