[GLLUG] ISP - How slow is usefull?

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Mon Apr 10 19:52:45 UTC 2017

On Monday 10 Apr 2017 17:17:11 John Southall via GLLUG wrote:
> To save money I am considering changing from Virgin fibre to broadband.
> The BT speed estimate is a maximum of 2 to 6.5 Mbs and a guaranteed
> minimum of 1Mbs.
> I don't stream films, but I do enjoy Youtube and BBC Radio, will they be
> bearable at 2Mbs or less? I could download another Linux LTS, I suppose.
> I suspect that broadband will be a false economy, should I look
> elsewhere for savings?
> Thanks,
> John
I am now with Plusnet, they do not force you to buy TV/Sport, etc, you do not 
need to have their modem, although if you do get your own it may need to 
handle IPv6 soon, so not too old second-hand. Have a look at their website, I 
think they list estimated local speeds for your area, and to get the best from 
the line a faceplate replacement filter is best with the modem as close as 
possible to the BT termination box. (I have a couple of spare ADSL faceplate 
filters, not suitable for FTTC which is VDSL).

Chris Bell
website chrisbell.org.uk

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