[GLLUG] ISP - How slow is usefull?

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Tue Apr 11 11:41:57 UTC 2017


If an answer includes the letters 'BT' then there is something wrong 
with the question.

Just about *anything* is better than services from BT. No doubt some 
customers are happy, they are not amongst our customer set though. They 
also supply a hideous router that is 'for support reasons' backdoored.

2 Mbps is enough for HD audio:

"Radio 3 HD Sound uses the AAC-LC codec at 320kbs"

It won't work well if anything else is using bandwidth at the same time.

Youtube is doubtful @ 2Mbps I'd say.

I get by with 2Mbps for everything in Spain, but that's in deep 
countryside over WiMax with no other option and it's symmetrical which 
helps a lot and there is VERY limited contention :)

I have to be disciplined and not start doing anything else at the same time!

So it would do -- probably.

Would you enjoy it? Hmm.

If you must use that service, use another provider.

Various resell BT infra and actually care about customers. We use Entanet.


On 10/04/17 17:17, John Southall via GLLUG wrote:
> To save money I am considering changing from Virgin fibre to broadband.
> The BT speed estimate is a maximum of 2 to 6.5 Mbs and a guaranteed
> minimum of 1Mbs.
> I don't stream films, but I do enjoy Youtube and BBC Radio, will they be
> bearable at 2Mbs or less? I could download another Linux LTS, I suppose.
> I suspect that broadband will be a false economy, should I look
> elsewhere for savings?
> Thanks,
> John
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