[GLLUG] ISP - How slow is usefull?

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.org.uk
Tue Apr 11 21:36:52 UTC 2017

On 11/04/17 18:01, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:

> I had a lack of correspondence from Jason, but was offered Plusnet FTTC cheaper
> than what I was paying for plain broadband, and told that they were starting
> to roll out IPv6. My website now runs from home, which is fine because it is
> generally html text only, but still no sign of IPv6.

I will pipe up and stick in a random plug for Andrews & Arnold here. 
They're an excellent ISP, and offer native IPv6 (and ahve done for ages).



In short, £35 pcm for ADSL or £45 pcm for VDSL gets you a package with 
copper pair and VoIP, so there's no need for you to pay BT anything 
further, you can have them port your standard landline number from BT to 
VoIP, and the VoIP call charges are at:-


They also do a phenomenal job of customer support from clued up staff, 
and are available on IRC most of the time, in addition to the more 
normal support channels. My only relationship to them is as a happy 


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