[GLLUG] OT: rsync Mail & Maildir changes after upgrade to OS X Sierra

gvim gvimrc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 14:20:35 UTC 2017

I run Dovecot and Postfix on my Mac desktop and Macbook Pro with 
Thunderbird POP3 retrieving new mail into a local Maildir. I also use 
Mac Mail on both machines in addition to Thunderbird. I update the 
Macbook Pro by rsync-ing ~/Library/Mail,  ~/Maildir and 
~/Library/Thunderbird from the Mac and trust me, it all works. Well, it 
did before I upgraded both machines to OS X Sierra. Now every time I 
rsync everything Mail on the Macbook Pro insists on re-downloading every 
message. I tried just rsync-ing ~/Maildir but without the ~/Mail update 
Mail doesn't see recent Sent messages even if I right-click Sent and 
choose Synchronize "Local IMAP".

Any ideas?


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