[GLLUG] OT - Boot order HP ML110 G6

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Thu Jul 13 20:30:26 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I know this is somewhat off topic but I wonder if there is anyone with 
the inside track on an elderly HP ML110G6.

It has had a Raid failure and I'm attempting to rebuild it with new 
disks and restore my backup. Its ages since I built this machine (I know 
its old) and I have completely forgotten the incantations I used to 
install it in the first place.

I have got the new disks in there and recreated the Raid array from the 
Raid config in the BIOS. I'm now trying to boot the thing from a DVD or 
from a USB stick. Its behaving as if the Boot order settings in the BIOS 
don't have any effect as it seems to be trying to boot the blank raid 
array and ignoring the other media. If I unplug the disks or switch Raid 
off and let it see the individual disks it will boot from USB or DVD. 
There is probably some setting I'm missing.

One option seems to be to set up a pxe server and boot it that way but 
I'm sure that's not what I did in the first place.

Any pointers much appreciated.



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