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TT Mooney ttmooney at ttmooney.com
Tue Nov 21 16:31:34 UTC 2017

All --

I have excess hardware, and need to put it somewhere. Are you interested
in a private server (either hardware or on an Openstack instance)? I've
priced it out, and will provide the hardware, but could use some help
with the recurring costs.

A full rack, 4 KW power, 100 Mb dual-homed Internet, and a /28 at LDeX
(which is up Cricklewood way, with interconnect to Telehouse) is £1100
per month. I'm not looking to cover the whole cost, but to knock it down
at bit.

I have an HP C7000 with 10 blades (6 BL480C G1 and 4 BL460C G1). They
all have 8+ GB of RAM, 4+ CPU Cores, and 2 SAS drives. The chassis is
complete with Cisco switching and six PSUs. I also have some spare
blades. Newer blades go into the same chassis, and are very cheap.

My idea is to either get people to take a slot in the chassis (with a
free blade, replace it as you like) or an Openstack instance. I'm happy
to have a pub day to talk about how to structure things, but off the top
of my head a chassis slot for £100 per month seems like a decent deal.
Openstack, well, I just don't know, Bob -- let's figure something out.


PS -- The hosting is a regular commercial arrangement, but I will try to
drive the price down further. I'm not that interested in a sweetheart
deal at someone's current employer, being fully aware of what happens
when that goes sour. And yes, I know about AWS, but I want off public
cloud resources.



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