[GLLUG] Problems with CentOS 4 to 5 upgrade

Imran Chaudhry ichaudhry at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 07:42:44 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I have inherited a CentOS 4 server which is still in production. Using
the vault repo's I have updated it to 4.9

The CentOS server has been added to over the years and has many
services running and 1700+ packages installed.

The server owner wants to upgrade it to a supported CentOS version
such as CentOS 6.

I am simulating a step upgrade to CentOS 5 first by setting up a new
CentOS 4 server and installing the package list from the real
production system.

I have been following the guide here:

I have pointed the Centos-Base.repo file to use the 5.11 vault.

It has gone "by the book" so far except that I keep hitting "road
blocks" in resolving all the dependency problems in the "yum upgrade"

The current road block is this error:

Error: Missing Dependency: libdmraid.so.1.0.0.rc13-17 is needed by
package python-pyblock
Error: Missing Dependency: libdmraid.so.1.0.0.rc13-17(Base) is needed
by package python-pyblock

I have previously overcome these by removing the problem module, and
noting it so I can install it post-upgrade.
However In this case "python-pyblock" I can find no trace of it on the
system and "yum remove" or "rpm -e" fails to work.

I currently have a bootable system which has the CentOS 5.x kernel and
thinks it is CentOS 5.3 but all the packages are still from 4.9.

Any ideas? Thanks

(I have posted this on the centos.org forum but it is in moderation
and I know some CentOS bigwigs hang out here)

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