[GLLUG] Firefox on android and rfc1918 addresses.

Tim Woodall t at woodall.me.uk
Sat Oct 7 09:09:02 UTC 2017

I have a couple of different android tablets - a kindle fire 7th gen and a
samsung galaxy note 2014.

On both I have firefox+noscript installed which works fine except for
192.168.x.x addresses (haven't tried the other classes)

The problem occurs whether I use the address explicitly or a domain name.

The symptom is that it appears to load the website but when displays whatever
was there previously. In fact, it doesn't make a get request at all and the same
behaviour occurs whether there's a server at the address or not.

The same address works fine in the stock android browser.

Is these some magic config option I am missing to make this work?

Initially I thought it was an interaction with openvpn but same occurs when not
using it.

DNS does work. Browsing to 'einstein' fails as above (resolves in dns to a
rfc1918 address) while browsing to 'pauli' runs a duckduckgo search (I don't
know how to completely disable searching from the address bar in android

Any ideas? Anything else I can try?


p.s. My openvpn config the server pushes to the android client is weird:

push "route"
push "route serveradress"
push "route"

No idea why this works but it routes all traffic via the vpn except vpn traffic
to the openvpn server IP (I suspect the specific route is
redundant but was added first before I started fiddling) I cannot browse to the
serveraddress - no route from the endpoint to that address (actually firewalled
but probably wouldn't work anyway)

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