[GLLUG] offsite backup recommendations?

dennis at basis.uklinux.net dennis at basis.uklinux.net
Mon Sep 25 10:27:10 UTC 2017

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 05:49:02PM +0100, Andrew Solomon via GLLUG wrote:
> You might find Dropbox useful since it has a history for each file.

Dropbox probably doesn't meet all of her other criteria:

> >>> - UK based,
> >>> - secure,
> >>> - encrypted,

I agree with RMS that people using cloud storage providers should
encrypt their data locally with free software and only then upload it.
Doing that would make the provider's assurances of encryption
irrelevant anyway. I use a combination of LUKS, rsync, S3 and some
amateur home made shell scripts I can post if there's any interest.

If I had a TB or more S3 wouldn't be worth the money so I'd use
Backblaze, which doesn't work directly with Linux last I heard but
nothing stops anyone from running their binary blob windows client on
a virtualbox VM with a directory of locally encrypted files on the
host exposed to the guest as a network share. That way you'd even get
to suspend the VM whenever you don't want Backblaze's client clogging
up the network around the clock behind your back.

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