[GLLUG] offsite backup recommendations?

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Mon Sep 25 11:42:55 UTC 2017

On 25/09/17 11:26, dennis--- via GLLUG wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 05:49:02PM +0100, Andrew Solomon via GLLUG wrote:
>> You might find Dropbox useful since it has a history for each file.
> Dropbox probably doesn't meet all of her other criteria:
>>>>> - UK based,
>>>>> - secure,
>>>>> - encrypted,
> I agree with RMS that people using cloud storage providers should
> encrypt their data locally with free software and only then upload it.
> Doing that would make the provider's assurances of encryption
> irrelevant anyway. I use a combination of LUKS, rsync, S3 and some
> amateur home made shell scripts I can post if there's any interest.
> If I had a TB or more S3 wouldn't be worth the money so I'd use
> Backblaze, which doesn't work directly with Linux last I heard but
> nothing stops anyone from running their binary blob windows client on
> a virtualbox VM with a directory of locally encrypted files on the
> host exposed to the guest as a network share. That way you'd even get
> to suspend the VM whenever you don't want Backblaze's client clogging
> up the network around the clock behind your back.

I'm just about to start using Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage with rclone
<https://rclone.org/> as the transport on Linux (Ubuntu).

Their prices are amazing. Storage is $0.005 per GB

I'll post back if the experience is stunning/lovely or average ;-)



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