[GLLUG] offsite backup recommendations?

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Mon Sep 25 12:05:42 UTC 2017

Not what you asked for, but after multiple issues with various suppliers 
we no longer use anything in the UK or Ireland or Iceland or Europe 
(apart from our own structure, for commercial clients only - not an offer!)

We are currently planning on a move to Backblaze B2 for all Linux *third 
level* DR purposes. We've been monitoring them for some years and they 
*appear* solid... tbc.

It's priced in $ and its cheap.

There's plenty of Linux tools to talk to it (check out the clients page).

As many have said, you should encrypt at source.

This complicates single file recovery of course :)

So I'd look at your Synology for second level backup and restore and use 
something like Backblaze B2 (or perhaps Amazon Glacier if not in a 
hurry) for third level...

There is no perfect solution, just things that work depending on your 


On 23/09/17 15:31, Sharon Kimble via GLLUG wrote:
> I'm looking for some offsite-backup using my fibre broadband connection.
> Things I'm looking for -
> - UK based,
>    - pay in UK sterling and not dollars,
> - linux compatible,
> - ability to restore easily, from 1 file to 100+,
> - can use a web interface, as well as command-line,
> - secure,
> - encrypted,
> - ability to 'block-buy', meaning I pay for 1 year and get a discount,
> - ability to backup through cron,
> - able to keep 3+ versions of backed up file,
> - can have unlimited storage, then I can backup my /home as well as
>    possibly my /music,
>    - /home currently about 250gb,
>    - /music is about 857.97 gb.

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