[GLLUG] Charity WiFi, a bit off topic

stuart taylor stuart.taylor at linuxmail.org
Wed Apr 18 07:24:08 UTC 2018


i have a query about an emergency phone in the room. one of the trustees has objected to having this.

> Sent: Monday, March 26, 2018 at 9:14 PM
> From: "James Courtier-Dutton" <james.dutton at gmail.com>

[stuff deleted]

> Also, there are some legal requirements around phones, so you might
> need a phone in the room and patching phones through the network
> cabling is easy.
> I think the legal requirement is that in case of emergency, there must
> be a working phone nearby to call 999.

does anyone know if it is a legal requirement, health and safety standard, or what? and is there any documentation i can refer to.


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