[GLLUG] Spectre and Meltdown

Chris Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Mon Jan 8 03:36:28 UTC 2018

I think that I've got 11 Raspberry Pis of various types doing various useful things around the house, radio studio and my workshop. 
One of my earliest projects was a "net radio", which has a four line LCD display and a small stereo amplifier board in the box. It has a repertoire of about 8000 stations from all over the world, so I can always find something worth listening to!
My most recent project is a local DNS box running "Pi Hole" which downloads the "gravity" list of advertising domains and gives proper advert blocking at the network level rather than in the browser. 
My best RPi project is the web browser / emailer / photo filer application box that fits to the back of a television and is controlled by a wireless keyboard and mouse. This means that my aged friends who really can't be bothered to master (or pay for) a full computer can still stay in touch with their families, do so online shopping, and download and save their camera photos. It's "appliance computing" at its best!
The Raspberry Pi has made "appliance" computing cheap and easy. I still find it hard to believe the capabilities of this little, cheap computer.
Happy New Year all

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