[GLLUG] OT: secure router for home network

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Thu May 24 10:53:45 UTC 2018

There's not really an answer as such, see other comments. I'm assuming 
that firewall, monitoring, tracking is included in the requirements...

So all I can say is what I use.

I'm assuming the question is for those who can build their own.

*BSD base
- pfSense (project increasingly irritating though)
- OPNSense (as replacement for above)

* Linux base
- IPCOP2 still available but very stale
- considering IPFire as replacement but still no multiWAN, not big deal 
for home use (but has GR Sec patches which you might not like)

If you have to buy:

- Draytek (yes they have just had a security issue - but that's very rare)

- I have tried to use Mikrotik as have many others I know but I am now 
bald and no longer enjoy banging my head against a wall. You may like them.

I know people like to use various things zapped onto on low end hardware 
but can't see the point meself, security and ultimate economy rarely go 
hand in hand.

OTOH ANYTHING other than ISP-supplied kit has got to be a win...


On 24/05/18 01:05, gvim via GLLUG wrote:
> What's currently the most secure router at a reasonable price for a home 
> network?
> gvim

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