[GLLUG] [Advert] Vacancy: Senior UNIX virtualisation engineer at the University of Westminster

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Tue Apr 23 13:16:24 UTC 2019


My current $dayjob, the University of Westminster, are looking for a 
full time, permanent senior UNIX virtualisation engineer.  The job 

* Looking after the physical server and storage estate.
* Lots of vSphere-based virtualisation, around 600 VMs.
* Although the title says UNIX, it's pretty much all just Linux and 
Windows.  You'll have minimal interaction with the Windows stuff, 
there's a windows team for all that.
* Tons of infrastructure project work, there's a lot of technical debt 
to catch up on.
* Fairly standard Linux admin BAU type work.
* Managing backups (CommVault), DNS (Bluecat), mail (exim), SSL certs 
etc etc.

Salary is 46-50k DOE, location is W1W 6UW with occasional (working 
hours) trips to other sites.  Interviews are happening now.

Please email me directly for the full job spec if you're interested.  
There is also a possible opening for a less senior role, obviously with 
a lower salary.

I am not acting as an agency, I will not receive any kind of payment if 
you are hired.   If you have questions, ask, I will do my best to 


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