[GLLUG] JetDirect/printer problem

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Sat May 4 09:57:26 UTC 2019

On 04/05/2019 10:19, nickmount91 via GLLUG wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to this group and I have a printer problem. I am trying  to set
> up a JetDirect box with my printer and cannot find a suitable online
> document telling me how to do it using Linux .

Can you give some more information about the exact model of printer
which you have?

I'm not familiar with these JetDirect boxes, but I would expect that
they are simply giving your printer the network connection which it does
not otherwise have.  It would therefore make sense to configure CUPS to
print to whatever kind of printer it is which you have.

If your printer has a USB connection then you could temporarily connect
it direct to your Linux box.  This generally results in a totally
automated installation of the right configuration, which could then be
used as an example to configure the network version.


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