[GLLUG] JetDirect/printer problem

nickmount91 nickmount91 at protonmail.com
Sat May 4 09:19:44 UTC 2019

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this group and I have a printer problem. I am trying  to set up a JetDirect box with my printer and cannot find a suitable online document telling me how to do it using Linux .  Linux has set it to use Foomatic/Postscript driver, but this just produces random nonsense on the paper. There seem to be various conflicting and complicated ways to do it, is there a simple way? Do I need to learn and use CUPS?

The JetDirect has an IP of and i can ping it.
It is an ew2500 model
I do not have a JetDirect CD
I do not has access to a Windows, or Mac computer. I can get access if it is the only way.


p.s. Do you have any meetups?

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