[GLLUG] Multiple grub installs in xen guest

Tim Woodall t at woodall.me.uk
Fri Oct 11 13:27:38 UTC 2019

Does anyone know whether the default debian grub-xen stuff allows you to
select the grub root?

I have a bootable xen image that uses grub from /dev/xvda2. I also have
one that uses grub from /dev/vg-mirror/boot. (the vg is inside the disk
I export to the guest, not the vg of dom0)

I want to be able to boot the former, but have the latter available to
mount. But it is insistent that it will use the vg boot in favour of the
raw ext3 one.

I've tried extra="(xen/xvda2)" and extra="root=(xen/xvda2)" but neither
seem to make a difference and it persists in using lvm/vg--mirror-boot.

This weekend I'll have a look at the source for the grub-x86_64-xen.bin
bootloader and tweak it if necessary but perhaps someone already knows
how to do this?


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