[GLLUG] Useful little cute box full of IP glue

Travis Mooney ttmooney at ttmooney.com
Tue Feb 11 15:43:49 UTC 2020

MeJ (and everyone) --

The GL iNet routers are pretty good. I use these as APs:


Also available in a PoE version (which I need to remember to order for
the office).

And my travel MiFi is also by GL iNet:


No relation to the company. Just happy to support affordable OpenWRT
mainline equipment suppliers!

Kind regards,


PS -- I also have a Turis Omnia as edge routers at home and the office,
but that's a whole other class of affordability!

On 06/02/2020 09:35, James Roberts via GLLUG wrote:
> I don't normally recommend anything, but I have just run into a neat
> little device that has solved a problem for me, so I thought I'd mention
> it on-list in case it can help someone else.
> I'm just a happy user: no connection with the product otherwise.
> I am using it to solve a VoIP problem I have had running an extension to
> our new hosted VoIP from a residential 4G connection in very rural Spain
> (we used to have WiMAX with a fixed IP - but no more, just 4G but quite
> fast).
> It's tunnelling my phone using a commercial VPN provider and bypassing
> inward VoIP blocking. Not against their T&C or anything, I suspect it's
> just blocked because it's 4G to protect their network, outgoing ports
> work but I receive no voice :)
> This solution has stopped me banging my head against the wall trying to
> run various simultaneous different and colliding VPNs from my otherwise
> very good firewall. It just works.
> Anyway the device is this:
> https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt300n-v2/
> Available from e.g. Amazon worldwide.
> It's got WiFi and two NICs and USB and micro-USB power, and runs OpenWRT
> which is accessible at the second menu level and so it's highly
> tweakable: not that I have had to tweak it... it has many VPN providers
> pre-set and supports OpenVPN and Wireguard.
> I paid €24 for one, at that price it can glue lots of stuff together.
> Just thought I'd mention it. It's not a recommendation as such - it
> might break in a week - but I doubt it.
> There's various other models.
> And it's cute :)
> MeJ


Travis Mooney-Evans
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