[GLLUG] Internet Data Rate

Alistair Mann al at pectw.net
Wed May 13 14:19:42 UTC 2020

On 13/05/2020 13:21, Marco van Beek via GLLUG wrote:
> With so few people having / using POTS telephones these days, it is 
> really hard to explain to people that the quality of the line affected 
> the quality of the data. 

Among my older clients they've always understood it when analogised to a 
dog whistle - dogs can hear it, humans can't; modems can hear the 
broadband, voice users can't. But because 'computers talk that much 
faster', the quality of line needs to be that much higher. ELI5 but I 
don't like to fix that which isn't broke.

 > Most of the time when I turn up to fault-find a
 > xDSL line, I start by plugging a £10 handset into the line, and then
 > have to tell them it is a voice fault and we need to report it to the
 > telephone company, not the broadband company.

I'm pretty sure there's still that thing going on where the bell-heads 
say any problem must be the net-heads fault. Only limited success 
telling clients they MUST NOT (rfc2119) mention the broadband problem 
when they report the voice 'problem'.

I've also seen many broadband problems mysteriously correct after the 
online tests have found "no problems detected" making me think that's 
probably tosh.

> A cheap analogue 
> fix is always better than even an expensive digital fix.
> :-)

Absolut Truth!
Alistair Mann

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