[GLLUG] Multi-Boot Puzzle - a bit OT

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sat Oct 3 21:37:43 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I have a machine I use for Music recording. It has an old Fedora 13 
install and it also boots Server 2003 and Win 7. Its high time it was 
upgraded to something current and my plan is to add Fedora 32 and Win 
10. I'd like to keep the old installs as they host music software I'd 
like to keep available.

It had a 1.5 TB disk that I have copied using dd to a 2TB disk. 
Forgetting about the 512 / 4096 block size issue I've ended up with some 
misaligned partitions and the performance is terrible as a result. To 
try to correct this I created correctly aligned partitions/correct size 
on another 2TB disk and copied the partitions to it. Fedora 13 boots 
fine but Grub chainloading the windows installs fails. I suspect the 
Windows installs are missing their boot sector loaders, but my attempts 
with Windows boot sector repair tools are failing. It looks like Win 7 
has put its boot files on the partition for Server 2003 as there is a 
/boot in there. I suspect this partition being NTFS is a factor in this 
problem. But the original 1.5TB disk is the same and it works.

I've reinstated the FC13 systems Grub boot loader. I guess I could put 
Fedora 32 and Win 10 on another disk and use Grub2 from FC32 to also 
boot the systems on the original 1.5TB disk.

Thank for reading this far. Any suggestions/recomendations folks.


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