[GLLUG] Information please about FTTH/FTTP

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Fri Feb 25 16:02:47 UTC 2022

CommunityFibre.co.uk are using BT ducts to feed multicore distribution fibres 
near both my house and my sister's house, and I understand that they will 
eventually offer FTTH/FTTP, but they have not replied to my requests for 
connection information, while they provide little information on their 

I understand (from seeing what an elderly friend has been given) that they 
will probably supply a small wall mounted box which converts from fibre to 
ethernet cable and must be powered, plus a small Linksys WiFi unit which must 
also be powered. There will be a dynamic 192.168.x.x IPv4 address and a static 
/48 IPv6 prefix. The Linksys WiFi will have a single ethernet input and a 
single ethernet output. If a SIP telephone adapter is also supplied it is 
expected to be connected to the Linksys output.

Where are the IPv4 dynamic and IPv6 /48 addresses extracted, and where can I 
insert a local firewall-router or unmanaged switch? Must it be after the 
Linksys, or can I insert my own firewall-router or a local (unmanaged) switch 
immediately after the fibre termination to allow cables to be routed separate 
from the Linksys, or not even connect the Linksys? I do not use WiFi at home, 
although WiFi is currently in use at my sister's house, where the best WiFi 
location is not the best distribution point for wired access.

Thanks for any information.
Chris Bell
Website chrisbell.org.uk

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