[GLLUG] Information please about FTTH/FTTP

John Hearns hearnsj at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 16:24:38 UTC 2022

Chris, I Cannot comment on Community Fibre. However I have the service from
Hyperoptic. I believe they use BT fibre to the apartment block I live in.
In the basement there is a wall mounted cabinet with what I assume is a
router (I have never got a look inside it).
There is a CAT5 copper cable run to each apartment which terminates at a
standard RJ45 type socket. Hyperoptic supply a wireless box for each flat.
This has one external RJ45 port and 4 internal RJ45, plus a SIP Telephone
socket. I pay a small amount extra to get a fixed IP address.

On Fri, 25 Feb 2022 at 16:05, Chris Bell via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk>

> Hello
> CommunityFibre.co.uk are using BT ducts to feed multicore distribution
> fibres
> near both my house and my sister's house, and I understand that they will
> eventually offer FTTH/FTTP, but they have not replied to my requests for
> connection information, while they provide little information on their
> website.
> I understand (from seeing what an elderly friend has been given) that they
> will probably supply a small wall mounted box which converts from fibre to
> ethernet cable and must be powered, plus a small Linksys WiFi unit which
> must
> also be powered. There will be a dynamic 192.168.x.x IPv4 address and a
> static
> /48 IPv6 prefix. The Linksys WiFi will have a single ethernet input and a
> single ethernet output. If a SIP telephone adapter is also supplied it is
> expected to be connected to the Linksys output.
> Where are the IPv4 dynamic and IPv6 /48 addresses extracted, and where can
> I
> insert a local firewall-router or unmanaged switch? Must it be after the
> Linksys, or can I insert my own firewall-router or a local (unmanaged)
> switch
> immediately after the fibre termination to allow cables to be routed
> separate
> from the Linksys, or not even connect the Linksys? I do not use WiFi at
> home,
> although WiFi is currently in use at my sister's house, where the best
> WiFi
> location is not the best distribution point for wired access.
> Thanks for any information.
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