[GLLUG] Printer page layouts

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Thu Jan 11 15:12:56 UTC 2024

A long time ago now, I had a package for Acorn computers named Acorn Publisher 
which could adjust the printer whole-sheet layout for multiple pages on 
multiple sheets.
A friend working as a professional "jobber" printer would pass an individual 
file through a chain of processes using software running on multiple operating 
systems to adjust edge definition, colour balance, gamma, random noise, and 
perhaps select individual colours for Lithographic Masters, then finally Acorn 
Publisher would lay out pages so that the sheets could be guillotined and 
would appear in the correct order after binding. It worked with any original 
shape and size of sheet (perhaps A4, perhaps oversize A0+), to create any final 
shape and size ready for binding.
I used it to quickly and easily double-side print something like A6 pamphlets 
or instuction manuals on to A4, then I would cut the pages using a hand 
operated guillotine, and simply staple the result. It could place page 1 
inside or on the front, alongside the last page, with the centre pages 
together. If the printer could not print double sided it could print every 
other side of sheet, then turn the stack and print the other sides.
Is there anything that is able to do the same job in Linux/Debian?
Thanks for any info.
Chris Bell

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