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Wed Jan 17 11:11:30 UTC 2024

Hi Chris,

The texlive-extra-util package may be able to help with the pdfjam and
pdfbook2. You could pipe these together with the pdftk-java package which
has a shuffle option.

Although I think something like LibreOffice Writer has all these options
including the brochure print.


On Thu, 11 Jan 2024 at 15:15, Chris Bell via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk>

> Hello,
> A long time ago now, I had a package for Acorn computers named Acorn
> Publisher
> which could adjust the printer whole-sheet layout for multiple pages on
> multiple sheets.
> A friend working as a professional "jobber" printer would pass an
> individual
> file through a chain of processes using software running on multiple
> operating
> systems to adjust edge definition, colour balance, gamma, random noise,
> and
> perhaps select individual colours for Lithographic Masters, then finally
> Acorn
> Publisher would lay out pages so that the sheets could be guillotined and
> would appear in the correct order after binding. It worked with any
> original
> shape and size of sheet (perhaps A4, perhaps oversize A0+), to create any
> final
> shape and size ready for binding.
> I used it to quickly and easily double-side print something like A6
> pamphlets
> or instuction manuals on to A4, then I would cut the pages using a hand
> operated guillotine, and simply staple the result. It could place page 1
> inside or on the front, alongside the last page, with the centre pages
> together. If the printer could not print double sided it could print every
> other side of sheet, then turn the stack and print the other sides.
> Is there anything that is able to do the same job in Linux/Debian?
> Thanks for any info.
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> Chris Bell
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