[GLLUG] Printer page layouts

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Wed Jan 17 15:11:56 UTC 2024

On Wednesday, 17 January 2024 11:11:30 GMT John Southern via GLLUG wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> The texlive-extra-util package may be able to help with the pdfjam and
> pdfbook2. You could pipe these together with the pdftk-java package which
> has a shuffle option.
> Although I think something like LibreOffice Writer has all these options
> including the brochure print.
> Regards
> John

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look again.
My old RiscPC was switched off about 10 years ago when I was being treated in 
hospital. I managed to survive and slowly recovered, the HDD never recovered.
Apparently RiscOS took over the Computer Concepts Impression series, so I am 
also looking at installing 
on to a replacement disk on my original RISCPC
There is even a version of RISCOS for the RaspberryPi.
A friend who does not know much about computers picked up a HDD that was 
ticking and not reaching operating speed. He turned it upside down and dropped 
some light oil on to the bearing, and a few days later it started working. I 
found it difficult to believe, but would be willing to try.

Chris Bell

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