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Mark Broadbent mgjbroadbent at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 14 09:58:35 BST 2006

On 11/09/06, graham cole <jdyngrhm at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi all
>  Success no 1
>  At last I got my broadband service due to being persistent about the removal of a DAX being possible and not too costly.
>  Success no 2
>  I set up a new BT Voyager 220v modem to work with an old IBM Thinkpad. Then amazingly my Linux box connected with no extra work after linking it to the modem by wire. I was expecting trouble but there was none. Earlier Voyager models were awkward with Linux but not this one.

Hi Graham,

I'm glad you all setup enjoying your new broadband service!
Especially since you managed to get it up and running no with no
hassle (on the Linux end of course!).


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