[HLUG] Re: Ubuntu Install

Chris Owens cowens at clara.co.uk
Sun Sep 24 21:28:14 BST 2006

Dear All,
    Many thanks for fixing up the Canal Road site - seems excellent 
venue until HTC comes back on stream.
    Thanks also to Tim for the Ubuntu release. Consequently I am fired 
up again and would like to install it on my dreaded laptop which is 
partitioned for Windows and Linux (Mandrake) but the recent Windows 
re-install (many thanks to Julian) naturally overwrote the mbr so no 
optional boot available at this stage. Machine reads, loads and displays 
Ubuntu from CD fine and I get the option to install but without any 
request for partitioning or re-sizing of existing partitions etc.

    My question is: Can I be absolutely sure that if I instruct Ubuntu 
to install at this stage it won't simply try to reformat and load itself 
on the Windows partition without giving any options to decline - I can't 
afford to have the machine down for a second just at present.

Thanks for any re-assurance and see you all soon

Chris O

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