[HLUG] Noel McGuinness

Jeff Tupholme Jeff at repositive.com
Fri Sep 29 10:23:14 BST 2006

I'm sorry to have to report to HLUG the death of my father, Noel  

Noel died suddenly of a heart attack in his garden on Saturday. He  
had always taken good care of himself, but there is a history of  
heart disease in the family and he himself had had a heart attack  
some 20 years ago. He died as he lived - gardening and looking after  
his house was one of his passions (as well as computers). He was 65.

Noel's funeral will take place next Wednesday at 10am at Hereford  
Crematorium. He had made a good life for himself in Herefordshire  
since moving from London and we hope that as many local friends as  
possible will be able to attend. No flowers, please, but donations to  
the British Heart Foundation.

Thank you all for the enjoyment you gave Noel over the last few years.

Kind regards,


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