Ubuntu upgrade -- was: Re: [HLUG] HLUG Monthly Meeting - 18th April 2007 7pm

Richard Smedley smedley358 at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 17 13:00:23 BST 2007

> > and yesterday my problem with ubuntu606 not writing to  my ntfs data
> > was solved
> > when i was advised tow ait till thursday
> > then download ubuntu 7.04
> >
> > hurrah!
> >
> > but upgrade or clean install?
> As ubuntu is based on debian then upgrade - I maintain several debian
> installations that had been only ever been upgraded (install was done
> around around 'potato' time).

Same here - upgrades from Slink and Potato have been close to
flawless :-)

For Ubuntu, I would advise upgrading today to 6.10 and making
sure nothing is broken, then after Thursday (maybe days after,
when others have finished hammering the server, and you can
get a reasonable download speed) go for 7.04.

I've no idea if Ubuntu support direct upgrading over two versions,
although they certainly didn't in the past (and nor does Debian),
but it seems sensible not to take the chance.

You should find both upgrades relatively painless, unless you
have particular third-party extras.

 - Richard

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