[HLUG] MAME users?

Mark Brier (Lists) lists at openitup.org
Tue Apr 17 13:48:18 BST 2007

Matt Rhys-Roberts wrote:
> Hi there,
> Anyone using MAME (multi arcade machine emulator)? I gather there's an
> Ubuntu package available for download from the repositories, then it's a
> matter of getting hold of the ROM images. If anyone's already
> successfully trodden this path, please email me!
> Thanks to those who came along last night for beer & curry; great to see
> you & I look forward to staying in touch despite my move a bit north.

I've done this before. gxmame provides a good interface to mame.

I compiled from source as I wanted to take advantage of the options
available in the Makefile for MAME.

The version of mame will need to be the same as the roms/romset you use.
Mail me off-list if you would like a link to romsets.

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