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Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 26 00:06:32 BST 2007

Mark Broadbent wrote:
> Hi All,
> Me and Julian have been working quietly in the background to create a
> new more accessible website for the LUG that allowed our members (that's
> you by the way) to contribute to the information on it.  To see the
> (almost) finished article go to
> http://www.herefordshire.lug.org.uk/index.php to have a sneak preview.
> Now here is where you come in...  We need people to write on the blog or
>  add guides/install guides etc.  Simply sign-up for an account, then
> email me or Julian to have the appropriate privileges added to your account.
Can I just add, that Drupal won hands down as its so easy to use. We 
will show you how to add your blog and static pages to the site when we 
next have a meeting with a web connection ((!!??!!), but it is really, 
really easy to use.

The idea is that all your pet projects can now have an outlet for you to 
tell the world about, or about your first wanderings in the world of a 
new distro, or Linux itself  ;-)

Mark and I logged in and wrote our first blog posts /in/ /minutes/ 
without any tuition; it is that easy.

Hopefully, we can add more pages, (some from the old site still at
http://xtype.phil-taylor.co.uk/~hlugorg/content/view/17/51/ ), and more 
new features too.

But all in all, its YOUR lug, and we want to involve more members.

You can also add comments to posts on the website, if you wish to add a 
point that the original poster missed, or just for a bit of healthy debate !

I hope the new website, and the time that Mark and I have spent putting 
it together will energise the group and enable us all to get a bit more 
involved and get more out of it.

It's your turn now .....

> Cheers
> Mark
> - --
> Mark Broadbent <markb at wetlettuce.com>
> Herefordshire LUG Master
> Web: www.wetlettuce.com
> LUG: www.herefordshire.lug.org.uk

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