[HLUG] Meeting - 16th May 2007 @ 7pm

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Sun May 6 02:19:44 BST 2007

Mark Broadbent wrote:
> Hi All,
> A bit of a change this month to the meeting as it's all going to be
> centred around our new Drupal powered website.  For this reason we need
> access to the Internet to allow people to look, surf and ask questions.
> The plan is to locate ourselves under a Wifi hotspot for this purpose.
> Me and Julian have found a number of places in Hereford that have
> hotspots but we don't know what there like!  This is where you guys come
> into it, we need recommendations to nice _quiet_ location for us all to
> chat and surf.  The possibilities are below:
> Three Elms Inn
> 1 Canon Pyon Road
> Hereford
> HR4 9QQ
I had a look up there today . Didnt go in, but lots of room and tables 
outside. Looks a nice pub

> Rose & Crown
> 152 Ledbury Road
> Tupsley
> Hereford
> HR1 1RG
We went there a few times before, Pub is nothing special, but nice area 
outside to go if weather is fine. Much more central too.
> Bridge Inn
> College Road
> Hereford
> HR1 1JR
Been past, looks a bit (too) quiet . Up in the NE of Hereford near the 
Industrial estatae.
> Fox Hunter
> Whitecross Road
> Whitecross
> Hereford
> HR4 0LT
Dont know at all.

Can anyone fill in about the other pubs ?


PS Not tried the WiFi at any of them yet. Current choice is Three 
Elms/Rose and Crown
> Cheers
> Mark
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