[HLUG] HLUG Meeting - 16 Jan 2007 @ 19:30

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 10 00:27:03 GMT 2008

Mark Broadbent wrote:
> The January meeting is at the Canal Road Day Centre, Hereford starting
> at 7.30pm on 16th January 2008.

If any one is interested i am happy to give a demonstration on Plone 3.0 
- plone.org - an Open Source Web content management system that we 
discussed on the list recently. Used by people as diverse as NASA, 
Oxfam, Novell, the SNP, the NHS, and EADS Astrium.

If Paul can bring along his 3G wireless router, I can show you our live 
site for the company I work for; www.q-par.com, otherwise I may be able 
to setup a new one on a laptop.

Please mail the list if you are interested.

We are hoping to do a few more informal presentations, to liven up the 
mtgs a bit. Hopefully, if we have volunteers, we can do more events like 


> Original announcement: http://www.herefordshire.lug.org.uk/node/34

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