[HLUG] address book software pls

Peter Linnell info at lifespacedesign.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 21:30:41 GMT 2008

When I switched to Thunderbird on my web facing machine it simply 
imported the Outlook Express WAB file. May I suggest you could be 
looking for some sort of client managment suite rather than a specific 
mail or database app.?
Also dont ever neglect to keep your hard copy up to date, and make sure 
you have relevant notes for every name and address.
I say this because I don't; and have numerous ID's in both my phone and 
email contacts that I can't recall who they are!

Graham Cole wrote:
> Interesting question and the only bit of answer I know is that Open
> Office is supposed to import address info from email applications. You
> might be lucky and find it works the other way round as well.
> Graham
> On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 13:01 +0000, George at dicegeorge.com wrote:
>>i want to computerise my address book
>>with names address postcodes emails phone numbers
>>in a standard way which will integrate with
>>mozilla web forms and outlook express etcera
>>and work in both ubuntu and windowsxp,
>>where should i be looking
>>and what should i be looking at
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