[HLUG] Document management/publishing website suggestions

Paul Stenning paul at vintage-radio.com
Wed Mar 4 12:00:40 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I am probably going with the product/project that Matt posted about 
here.  It seems to do quite a lot of what we need.  Matt has added me as 
a developer on the SourceForge project now, too.

I will know for certain later this week but it looks to be the best 
option so far.

Best regards,
Paul Stenning


Matthew Macdonald-Wallace wrote:
> Quoting Paul Stenning <paul at vintage-radio.com>:
>> Can anyone give me some pointers please?
>> A client has asked me to quote for a website with the following
>> requirements:
>>     1. A membership system where members are set up by the admin. There
>> will be about 10-12 members.
>>     2. Members can upload documents as PDF files together with a typed
>> abstract/summary. They can be put in one of several predefined categories.
>>     3. Newly uploaded documents require approval by three other members.
>>     4. Once approved the document together with the abstract, author
>> details etc are available on the website for anyone to download.
>>     5. Any changes to the document require the approval process to be
>> repeated. Until that is completed the old version remains available.
>>     6. A mailing list system which automatically emails visitors who
>> have registered whenever a new document is published. Also emails to
>> members when a new document is uploaded.
>>     7. PHP/MySQL based preferred (will be on an Apache server so no ASP!).
>> Does anyone have any suggestions for existing software that can do at
>> least some of this? It would need some sort of template system to
>> customise the look-and-feel. Free open source is preferred of course,
>> but if it needs to be commercial then that's OK.
>> I'm not looking for someone to create this from scratch for me. However
>> if you already have something that does most of what I need and can be
>> adapted then I'd be interested in discussing it.
> I've got something I've just developed that does most of this already  
> (it doesn't do the editor bit but that wouldn't be too difficult to  
> develop).  I'm currently tidying up the code and plan to release it  
> under the GPL.
> It's in use at www.sharedservicearchitects.co.uk if you want to see  
> the public front end, I can't provide admin access as it's a live site  
> but I'm willing to put it up on a demo server for people to play with  
> if they want.
> Kind regards,
> Matt

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