[HLUG] March HLUG Meeting - 18th March - Ideas ?

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 4 23:37:52 UTC 2009


Our forthcoming meeting for March will be on the usual third Weds of the
month which this time is Weds 18th March.

It may be a good idea to vary things a little and try and get a/some
Talks / Workshop arranged.

In past meetings we have had members tell us about their current
projects, whether that is about using 'The Gimp' or Scribus DTP, demo's
of new versions of Fedora/Ubuntu etc, Presentations to the local
Green/Friends of the Earth parties, or even Dave Shorthouse's excellent
guide to wifi security hacking.

You don't need excellent presentation skills, but just enthusiasm for
your subject ;-) The talks don't have to be long at all, perhaps just 15
mins if you want to keep it simple. I can bring in a projector too. I'm
happy to do something on Plone/Scribus/Vtiger (Open Source CRM system)
but I'm sure you'd probably prefer to hear from some-else else ;-)

We've got two weeks before the meeting, so please reply with your ideas.
Here's a few to start you off:-

    * /How am I getting on with Linux, from one of our new to Linux (or
      Open Source) members ?/
    * /How you use Linux in your Job ?/
    * /How you use Linux in a voluntary role ?/
    * /Do you use Linux for something particularly fun, or an unusual
      application ?

Meeting details as below - its on the website already !

*Where *: Burghill Community Access Point
Simpson Hall, Burghill, Hereford, HR4 7RW

*Time *:- 7.30pm - 9.30pm**



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