[HLUG] Acer One alternate mail client

Gordon Alabaster herelug at centaurus.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 6 19:27:39 UTC 2009


I have bought my wife an Acer One running Linux and am trying to allow
her to use it for emails on our common ISP.

I have set up an IMAP mail system on my server under Ubuntu and split
specific mail into two folders, one for each of us. I also have dozens
of folders of historic emails.

The Acer mail app that comes with the Acer is rather limited, it only
allows viewing of last 100 emails in Inbox and I can't get it to see
other folders.

I tried to install evolution as I have that on the main computer, so is
a familiar app. It failed to install as it wanted to install gnome-menus
which conflicts with the xfdesktop files.

Can anyone suggest an email client I could use instead that is not going
to mess up existing apps on the Acer? Any thoughts on Thunderbird or



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