[HLUG] Herefordshire subscription notification

jt at camalyn.org jt at camalyn.org
Wed Mar 11 10:25:53 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 20:33 +0000, Julian Robbins wrote:

> Dear James 

Hi Julian (and List Members) :) 

> Thank you for joining the Herefordshire Linux User Group. I just
> wanted to say hello, and ask that perhaps it might be a good idea if
> you can send a message to our mailing list telling us a bit about
> yourself i.e.

Thanks for your e-mail.

> * What your specific interest in Linux and Open Source is

I am an open source recruiter that is keen to form meaningful
relationships with people across the country.  I am more of a head
hunter type recruiter, rather than one that may find jobs for people -
instead I find people for permanent jobs.  To date I have recruited for
positions in Berkshire, Cambridgeshire and London. Currently I am
looking to find a *nix (CentOS or RH) sysadmin that has very good MySQL
database administration experience for a job in Reading (Berkshire). 

> * Your level of expertise (if any !) 

I wouldn't want to rate myself as such. However, I can tell the group
that I use Linux as a desktop O/S - most notably with Arch, Gentoo as
well as openSuse which I'm currently running with.   At the moment I am
struggling to get 2 mirrored drives configured properly to work
alongside an OS drive (openSuse).  I'm happy to discuss this further if
anybody can help. . . . . 

> * What you hope to get out of joining the group

I'm hoping to form meaningful relationships and where possible perhaps
contribute to mailing list discussions.  I wouldn't suggest that I would
be able to make meetings (I live and work in Twyford which is near
Reading) but I'd like to think that in time it may be possible to make a
trip and visit.  I'd be keen to learn more about the general format of
your meetings (are they just pub chats or do you have something more
formal, perhaps talks etc...I should probably re-check the group website
for such info).  

I would be interested to learn whether the group knows of a recruiter in
the Herefordshire area that specialises in open source jobs and
generally how people on the list normally find new jobs etc and the same
for any hiring managers on the list - when you are looking for staff is
there a recruitment company you use that understands your requirements

> We are a friendly approachable LUG with members of all abilities and
> all ages, spread across the County and beyond.

I'm pleased you have said "beyond", considering I am not in

> I hope to meet you at March meeting, which will be next Wednesday as
> posted on our website. a reminder or two will be posted to our mailing
> list before the meeting.

I wont be able to attend this meeting - how often do you meet? 

> I hope to see you there !

> Julian Robbins 

~~ All the best, James :) 

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